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The Adam Ferrara Podcast

Sep 26, 2019

Can you take criticism? Yea you. Adam explains how every part he plays starts out as a crime boss.

Washington post movie critic Ann Hornaday shares 3 questions a movie has to answer and if she could have taken Roger Ebert in a fight.

Goto movies and sweet talking a critic. “See whats at the bottom of that popcorn...

Sep 17, 2019

Adam tells the crew the kindness shown to him by a biker dude. What would you invent?

ADD Interview guest: Comedian, author, film maker and co-host of The Comedy Film Nerds Podcast. Chris Mancini, what fatherhood didn’t kill me?

What did you get from your parents that you like and what you don’t like?


Sep 10, 2019

Adam has a fascination with serial killers. Who knew? He explains where it came from.

Former FBI agent, profiler hostage and negotiator Bradley Garrett, known as Dr. Death to the DC homicide detectives sits down to talk.
Adam and the crew worry that Phil may be hiding something.
Please consider supporting the good...

Sep 3, 2019

After much resistance, discussion, negotiations, scheduling conflicts and Tuesday night canasta, we finally got her to sit down as our guest in the ADD interview.

 The show opens with the crew discussing guilt, Christmas and Phil sleeping by the bathroom. 

 Adam's mother wants to be Scottish. I’m not making this up.